2017 Studio News

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I register for class in advance?

Pre-registration is always suggested for the sake of time. Drop-ins are always welcome. You may purchase classes or workshops via our website. Reservations are necessary for our Pilates Reformer, MVe Chair classes, workshops and events.

New to Pilates, Yoga, Zumba or Kettlebells?

Please allow 10 minutes before your first class to fill out a registration form and get set up. Please make sure to sign in at the front desk even if you registered online.


Are beginners welcome? If I am new to the studio, where should I go?

You are absolutely welcome as a beginner! Our classes are designed for all levels and modifications and props are suggested to help all students experience the optimum workout.
The studio's front door is actually at the back of 1011 El Camino Real, feel free to park in the public parking spaces offered in Menlo Park.


How challenging will the classes be for me?

Your first few classes may be difficult as you begin moving your body in new, healthy ways. You'll sweat, twist, bend, reach and balance as you build flexibility, mobility and strength. But you control the intensity of each move as you flow through the process. Soon, you'll experience small victories. Over time, your progress will be amazing!


What if I'm not all that strong, flexible or coordinated?

Actually, most people who come to the studio are not versed in these traits in the beginning. The modalities offered are the tools to help create flexibility, stability, strength and power in the body and the mind. Just remember to start slowly at first and be aware of how you body feels as we move. In time you will notice changes with your physical body and mental/emotional well being. The secret is practice, practice and practice.


What should I wear to class?

Please wear appropriate exercise clothing which is comfortable and allows you to move and stretch. You will create heat as we move through the workout, so make sure to wear attire that you can sweat in. All classes are done in bare feet with the exception of Zumba.


What should I bring to class?

A positive attitude and your personal mat are the main things needed. The studio is well appointed with all the latest props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows, rollers, magic circles and spare mats.  We do however, HIGHLY recommend you bring your own mat to class.


Do you have a place for students to change clothes before and after class?

Yes, we have two spacious single bathrooms in the studio. The studio does not have hot water or showers.


How early should I arrive for class?

We recommend arriving to class 10 minutes early to ensure you have time to sign in, change clothes, and get settled before your instructor begins the class.


How late is too late to arrive for my class?

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. We have a 10 minute grace period for latecomers, however this is intended for rare occasions, not as an acceptable time to enter every class. Late arrivals are disruptive to class. For the safety and comfort of all students and instructors, no one will be permitted to enter class once the studio clock has reached 10 minutes past the posted class start time.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, and personal checks. Credit cards may be used online to purchase classes, events and workshops.

Please note that the New Client Special and discounted class packages are not available for purchase online, as photo I.D. is required.
Kindly purchase these options at the studio front desk. Thank you!