2017 Studio News

Pilates for Beginners is a formal introduction to the Pilates Method. If new to Pilates, please begin your exploration here. The Pilates Method is structured around your body’s powerhouse – It includes the abdominals, the pelvic floor, the muscles around the hip joint, and the muscles of the lower back. Every exercise engages these muscles simultaneously improving posture and creating a longer, leaner looking physique.

This Pilates class uses props like the magic circle, foam roller, blocks, balls, and weights to deepen engagement of the core and postural muscles and challenge core stability. Get a balanced workout from head to toe, increasing strength, mobility, flexibility, tone and improving posture.

Please bring your own kettlebells if you have them. Our supply is limited! 30 minutes of kettle bell swings, a great fun way to build strength and power. If you have never swung the bells before, please contact Fran in advance to arrange an intro.
If you are looking for something new to add to your fitness routine consider the Pilates MVe (maximum versatility exercise) chair. The Pilates concept focuses on the core and this chair will do just that. Engage your core during every exercise and improve your core strength, balance, and even your posture. Do push-ups, leg presses, ab exercises and gymnastic-like moves with this small piece of equipment. You can even use your dumbbells to strengthen your upper body while targeting your core and legs for added difficulty. The variety of exercises on this chair seem near endless (Meaghan Massenat Yahoo Voices 2010).
Menlo Pilates & Yoga