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"It's the mind itself which shapes the body." - Joseph Pilates

Learn how to stay safe in your practice in this all-levels class that offers a heart-opening, mindfully paced flow with an emphasis on correct postural alignment. First time beginners would benefit from taking our Yoga Basics class prior to joining this class.

If you are an early bird or a weekend warrior this is a great way to start the morning.  Early morning alignment based yoga will leave you feeling grounded and prepared for the rest of the day.

Body rolling is a workout and deep tissue massage rolled into one! The 2" rubber balls lengthen muscles, stimulate bones and releases energy blockages. You will find in this class that you will let go of unproductive patterns in your body. Body rolling allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimize range of motion in joints.
This class is a gentle form of yoga. You will practice yoga sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. Complicated maneuvers and complex movements are NOT present in this class. The chair is used due to the difficulty in getting down and up from the floor. You will learn many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and ways of relaxation with the aid of a chair.
Fran's early morning Kettlebells series
For the first time students trying kettlebells.
Pilates for All Levels is a well-rounded Pilates mat workout for any level!
Pilates for Beginners is a formal introduction to the Pilates Method. If new to Pilates, please begin your exploration here. The Pilates Method is structured around your body’s powerhouse – It includes the abdominals, the pelvic floor, the muscles around the hip joint, and the muscles of the lower back. Every exercise engages these muscles simultaneously improving posture and creating a longer, leaner looking physique.
Early workouts start the day right. The reformer class is a refreshing way to awaken your body!
Moving at a mindful pace, the class will renew and restore your energy levels, preparing you to face the rest of your day. Optional poses are offered, making this class appropriate for students of varying levels.  The focus of each class will shift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as follows:
Monday -- An intermediate level Vinyasa class.  Follow your breath through the flow, sometimes adding in back bends and inversions.
Wednesday -- An all-levels, mat-based hip opener session with few standing poses.
Friday -- A class developing standing and standing balance poses for all levels.
If you are looking for something new to add to your fitness routine consider the Pilates MVe (maximum versatility exercise) chair. The Pilates concept focuses on the core and this chair will do just that. Engage your core during every exercise and improve your core strength, balance, and even your posture. Do push-ups, leg presses, ab exercises and gymnastic-like moves with this small piece of equipment. You can even use your dumbbells to strengthen your upper body while targeting your core and legs for added difficulty. The variety of exercises on this chair seem near endless (Meaghan Massenat Yahoo Voices 2010).
This mat-based Pilates class works all the core muscles - abdominals, the pelvic floor, the muscles around the hip and lower back, as well as the upper back.
Free weights are also used to sculpt the muscles of the arms, while simultaneously engaging the core. You'll tone your abs and your arms in this one hour class!
Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine. The reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility (well said by These classes allow you the opportunity to incorporate equipment workouts into your schedule that can address your specific needs. This is a group class, and the maximum enrollment is 4 per class.
Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates Reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine. The Reformer provides finely-tuned isometric resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility (well said by These classes allow you the opportunity to incorporate equipment workouts into your schedule that can address your specific needs. This is a group class, and the maximum enrollment is 4 per class.
Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates Reformer is actually an amazingly elegant piece of exercise equipment. It provides finely-tuned isometric resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility (well said by This class offers the opportunity to incorporate a machine workout into your fitness regimen that addresses your unique physical needs. 
Using props to support and achieve the most beneficial version of each pose for the individual, students consciously relax and find stillness for the body and mind. This class is an excellent complement to any vigorous workout regimen, and is suitable for all levels, and those who have injuries, or feel they require emotional or physical healing and rest. Participants are guided through meditation, breath work and gentle movement. Poses are held for a long time with a focus on creating a sense of calm, spaciousness, and total comfort. This practice helps improve circulation, digestion, and sleep. It lowers stress, relaxes muscles, eases joint stiffness, and promotes attainment of a healthy, natural body weight. Students leave feeling clear-headed, relaxed, and refreshed. While some prior yoga experience is helpful, it is not required. This is the perfect evening practice.
Join us each month to experience the moving sounds and resonance of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, flute, and light percussion, as Danny guides the group into a deep meditative state. Studio guests rest comfortably, supported by blankets and bolsters, around Danny's centerpiece of instruments. As the room gradually fills with sound, the healing vibrations wash over the body, clearing energetic blockages and allowing one's mind to quiet. For those who wish, Danny places and "sings" the cool, handcrafted bowls directly onto participants' chests, providing an even more intense sensation. The capacity of sound to promote healing in the body and mind is well-documented in modern medical journals. Danny's sound bath elicits a gamut of responses as diverse as the individuals who experience it, from simple relaxation to profound emotional release. Most attendees report leaving the session feeling rejuvenated, as though they just got back from a relaxing vacation. Danny is also a fine artist, and his colorful landscapes convey the same vivid serenity as his music. Cost: $25 per person at the door. Early birds pay just $20 by registering in advance online.
This class explores the practice of Hunyuan Qigong (a Taoist based system of qigong) and the Chen Taiji 48 form. Regular practice will help to open up the different energy channels and centers in the body, improving overall health and well-being, and integrating mind, body, and Spirit.
TaijiFit™ (tai chi fit) teaches tai chi in a format that imparts the spirit and benefits of tai chi without the years of study. It was originally created in China in the 1920s as TaijiCao and enables you to develop Qi (energy) in a quick and easy format without having to learn all the long, technically complicated forms. In fact, there’s no learning at all; students just follow the instructor to the gentle beat of music. Most students feel Qi flowing through their hands in their very first class. The goal of TaijiFit™ is to develop a flow state and maintain it throughout the class. Even the least coordinated students will find themselves flowing in TaijiFit™, developing balance, coordination, proprioception and more.
YogaLates combines postures and exercises of both Yoga and Pilates, which share many of the same principles and techniques. This class is a wonderful and powerful way for teens to improve core strength, posture, and body awareness in a positive, supportive environment.
"Yoga Chikitsa" (yoga therapy) uses ancient traditional techniques to fortify, cleanse, and heal the body. Each week class will focus on a different area of the body,   incorporating asanas (yoga postures), mantras (chanting), mudras (hand postures), kriyas (actions focused on achieving a specific outcome in the body), bandhas (internal energy locks), and pranayama (breath control). Students work through sequences of systematic, therapeutic body movements and slow, deep, regular controlled breathing to promote physical, mental, and energetic equilibrium. This practice reduces stress, develops healthy breathing patterns, and helps to produce a higher state of conscious relaxation of the body, emotions, and mind.

Silicon Valley lifestyle, with it's 'work hard, play hard' ethic, often leads to tight shoulders, hips, and lower back pain. The instructor will teach a step-by-step approach to open up the shoulders, hips, and the spinal column to effectively relieve pain and discomfort in these areas. This class will end with restorative poses and relaxation to practice letting go.

A great class to learn the popular style of yoga that flows from one pose to the next, empathizing and synchronizing the breath with movement.
"Vinyasa" is a Sanskrit term that means "to carefully place." Over time, in western yoga, it has taken on various meanings, including the simple coordination of breath and body movement in yoga, or the series of Sun Salutation postures that acts as a segue between traditional hatha yoga asanas, or, as interpreted at MPY, a style of yoga that flows steadily from one posture to the next in coordination with the breath.  While this is a Level I class, it is also open to and attended by more experienced yogis who appreciate a slower flow or those working on strengthening the foundations of practice.  We recommend that students with zero prior yoga experience first attend our Yoga Basics class for a few months to gain working familiarity with the basic asanas before moving on to Vinyasa I.
A great class to learn the popular style of yoga that flows from one pose to the next, emphasizing and synchronizing the breath with movement.
Yin Yoga has existed nearly as long as yoga has existed, and is an excellent complement to other “yang” forms of Hatha yoga, such as Vinyasa Flow, and Ashtanga Vinyasa. This practice consists primarily of seated mat poses, which are held for prolonged periods of time, usually from three to seven minutes each. Yes! It’s a DEEP, slow practice that will challenge you in totally new ways. Whereas traditional “yang” style exercises, such as yoga routines that briskly flow from one posture to the next, running, or traditional gym workouts, generally work on flexing or contracting the muscles, Yin Yoga acts on the connective tissues, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and myofascial tissues, providing much-needed release, and slow-motion lengthening. It works on our patience, as we wait for gravity to gradually lead us into our fullest expression of each posture. It works on the ego and the heart, as we find acceptance within ourselves, honoring where we are today, in this moment, using as few or as many props as needed to experience to our comfortable “edge” in each pose. Forceful movements and striving are abandoned in a Yin class, as our only endeavor is to let stillness happen. This practice promotes flexibility and enhances range-of-motion. Yin Yoga is a highly meditative practice that brings inner calm, and allows the time and space to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Not suitable for pregnant ladies.


This class is suitable for both first-timers and seasoned yogis who prefer a slower-paced practice, or those who seek to strengthen the foundations of their practice.  The instructor takes time to educate students on the benefits of, and proper alignment in, the elementary postures of Hatha yoga.  Focusing on the coordination of breath and movement, students will steadily develop a sense of ease with the components of Surya Namaskar (the Sun Salutation) as they learn to mindfully flow through a variety of foundational poses (asanas).  This is a well-rounded class that allows students to safely build strength and increase flexibility in the entire body, as they move through forward folds, back bends, core- (abdominal), arm-, and shoulder-strengtheners, lunges, spinal twists, hip-openers, and standing balances. We recommend that newcomers to yoga take this course for a few months before advancing to any of our all-levels Vinyasa Flow classes.

End the weekend with an active, but relaxing yoga workout to sleep well and be prepared for the coming week.

A dynamic class comprising the fusion of Latin and International music to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system.
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